Board & Representatives

2016-17 SCEF Board of Directors
Name Title Email
Nandini Gondhalekar President
Alana Corso Exec VP, Leadership Circle & Individual Giving
Susan Raymond VP, Finance/Treasurer
Sara McDowell Secretary
Joy Sykes VP, Marketing
Jayne Smith Co-VP, Events
Jennifer Berry Co-VP, Events
Hazel Stabinsky VP, Volunteer Appreciation
Rachel Cotton VP, School Reps
Shelley Black VP, Business Giving
Marianne Jett VP, Endowment
Tanya Lehman VP, Gala
Rosa Whitten Co-School Rep: Arundel
Lynsy Bridgman Co-School Rep: Arundel
Rebecca Taylor School Rep: Arroyo
Tanya Lehman School Rep: BA
Maggie Larsson School Rep: CMS
Cindy Hunter Co-School Rep: CLC
John McAfee Co-School Rep: CLC
Anjena Kacholiya Co-School Rep: Heather
Cindy Holloway Co-School Rep: Heather
Kari Schnapp Co-School Rep: TL
Liz Jolls Co-School Rep: TL
Jen Rudy C0-School Rep: White Oaks
Kathy Parmer-Lohan Executive Director
Scott Cleaveland Operations Manager
Christopher Kashap Events Operations Administrator


The San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) is a non-profit organization that supports well-rounded, high-quality public education for our children. We promote educational excellence by raising funds to bridge the gap between district needs and state funding.

We are led by an all-volunteer board of directors comprised of San Carlos parents and community members.  SCEF’s board is a working board, where members take responsibility for various aspects of the organization’s operation. Board members volunteer their time for tasks ranging from the mundane, such as stuffing envelopes and waving flags, to the strategic, such as laying the plan for the Foundation’s future.

The board includes the organization’s Officers and Vice-Presidents and Representatives from each of the San Carlos public schools –Arundel, Arroyo, Brittan Acres, Heather, White Oaks, Central Middle School, Tierra Linda Middle School and the San Carlos Charter Learning Center.

In January 2016, the SCEF Board announced that it promoted part-time Executive Director Kathy Parmer-Lohan to full-time status in recognition of the organization’s growth. President Marianne Jett said, “As our annual fundraising has increased, the board felt it was important to provide the necessary staff leadership to support our many parent volunteers, ensure continuity and help the Foundation build and sustain relationships in the community. SCEF will continue to be a strong volunteer organization led by an all-volunteer working board who enable the organization to raise much needed funds for local public schools.” Ms. Parmer-Lohan has been working for SCEF since 2013 and has an extensive background in nonprofit organization leadership and management, especially in the area of public-private partnerships.

Working with the Executive Director to support the Board is a part-time staff including Operations Manager Scott Cleaveland, Events Operations Administrator Christopher Kashap, and Bookkeeper Mary Wong. SCEF is committed to keeping its overhead low and carefully considers all expenditures before making them. Donations of goods and professional services are sought whenever possible.

If you are interested in joining our board or have questions about SCEF, please contact our Executive Director, Kathy Parmer-Lohan at

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