How We Help

The San Carlos Education Foundation raises money through its Annual Giving Campaign and through special events such as Spring Gala to fund key programs for all schools in the San Carlos School District. SCEF-funded programs support every San Carlos public school child, every week, at every school.

San Carlos School District
The San Carlos School District is comprised of seven schools: Arroyo, Arundel, Brittan Acres, Central Middle, Heather, Tierra Linda Middle and White Oaks. SCEF granted over $2.22 million this year. Here’s how the Superintendent is spending that money this school year (2016-2017):

  • Smaller Class Sizes (K-3)- $294,941
  • Field Trips in All Schools -$68,000
  • Middle School Electives (including Music, Language, Design & the Arts) – $294,941
  • Technology (Personnel, Devices and Infrastructure) – $304,242
  • Enrichment Programs (PE, Library & Literacy) – $283,433
  • Counseling – $414,766
  • Elementary School Music – $101,114
  • Principal’s Site Flex Funds – $226, 265
  • FUND-A-NEED (School Wish Lists) – $89,900
  • FUND-A-NEED (Music Program Support – $11,800



Instead of a mix of program support and site-specific funds, CLC received a consolidated grant of approximately $237,800 for the 2016-17 school year from the San Carlos Education Foundation. This amount includes some one-time grants and was calculated based on the number of students enrolled at CLC; it is consistent with the per-student combined grants given to the six schools in the San Carlos School District. CLC had 10.6% of total enrollment and received 10.6% of the annual SCEF disbursement.

CLC is spending these funds as follows:

  • K-8 Spanish Instruction – $76,000
  • K-4 PE – $77,000
  • Numeracy Support – $20,000
  • Seminar Instruction and Supplies – $26,000
  • Milestones/Field Trips – $5,000
  • Music for Minors – $2,500
  • FAB and Enrichment, $30,000
  • Library and Media Specialist – $15,000
  • New Library – $10,400
  • Technology – $5,900
These calculations are based on preliminary spending estimates. Final numbers are calculated at the end of the school year and will be published in our annual report.


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