Who We Are

The San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) is a non-profit organization that supports well-rounded, high-quality public education for our children. We promote educational excellence by raising funds to bridge the gap between district needs and state funding.

We are led by an all-volunteer board of directors comprised of San Carlos parents and community members. SCEF’s board is a working board, where members take responsibility for various aspects of the organization’s operation. Board members volunteer their time for tasks ranging from the mundane, such as stuffing envelopes and waving flags, to the strategic, such as laying the plan for the Foundation’s future.

A small part-time staff including an Executive Director, Operations Manager, Special Events Manager and bookkeeper supports our board. We are committed to keeping our overhead low and carefully consider any expenditures before we make them. We seek donations of goods and professional services whenever possible.

We believe our efforts have made — and will continue to make — a significant impact on the educational opportunities available to our children.

SCEF was created in 1982 using proceeds from San Carlos’ beloved Chickens’ Ball to ensure that there was a continuing source of funding for arts and music in our schools. At that time, our educational system received far more funding than it does today and we raised less than $30,000 a year. In the ensuing years, funding for California was adversely impacted by the boom and bust cycle of the state economy. During the 2008 recession, funding for schools was severely cut and while improvements have been made in recent year, the School District is still not at the funding levels of 2007-2008 school year.

In fact, compared to the eight other elementary districts that feed into the Sequoia Union High School District, San Carlos is second-to-last.

Public School Districts Per Pupil Funding
Woodside $20,519
Portola Valley $20,161
Las Lomitas $16,023
Menlo Park $11,544
Ravenswood $11,152
Redwood City $9,583
San Carlos $9,553
Belmont/RW Shores $9,143

Source: Ed Data (2013)

SCEF works hard to bridge this gap so that San Carlos children receive a well-rounded education that rivals that of private schools and is equivalent to nearby districts, despite the incredible funding disparity that exists.

Today, SCEF raises over $2.5 million to pay for critical staff and programs at all eight San Carlos public schools. Schools receive equitable grants from SCEF based on the number of children at the school site and the grades the site supports.

We raise funds primarily through our Annual Giving Campaign, Business Sponsorships, and special events including our annual SCEF Spring Gala (which raises over $500,000 each year — or 20% of our total revenue.)

SCEF is a registered 501(c)3 charity. Our Tax ID is 94-2842712.

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