What We Fund

Small Class Size

San Carlos public schools offer smaller class sizes in grades K-3 than many surrounding school districts. This is made possible in large part by parent donations to SCEF. Last year over $380,000 was devoted to smaller class sizes for our youngest students.

San Carlos Education Fund - What We Fund


Libraries are an integral part of any schools curriculum and with the shift towards 21st century learning and common core curriculum, they are more important than ever.

Studies have shown that children who have access to a well stocked library staffed by library media specialists tend to perform better academically.

One of the more important use of SCEF funds is to support the excellent library programs in all our San Carlos schools.

Last year, $215,290 of SCEF raised funds were used to support our school libraries and our wonderful library staff.

San Carlos Education Fund - What We Fund


No matter what professions our children eventually pursue, science is a critical part of their future. From clean energy to gene therapy, science surrounds us everyday. Our children receive excellent, hands-on science training starting in kindergarten. Our innovative mobile science lab travels from classroom to classroom, enabling our kids to regularly delve into the worlds of life science, earth science, and physical science.


In addition to science curriculum, SCEF has raised significant funds to support advances in technology and its use in the classroom. Children in the early grades use educational applications found on iPads and other tablets; older students are learning keyboarding and using Chromebooks to write reports, develop presentations, get teacher feedback and create projects as part of a team. Funds are still needed to achieve the goal of a 3:1 device to student ratio in elementary schools and 2:1 ratio in our middle schools.

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San Carlos Education Fund - What We Fund

Music & Art

SCEF funds performing and fine arts programs for every child in San Carlos public schools. Thanks to generous donations to SCEF, every San Carlos elementary school child benefits from Vocal Music lessons taught by dedicated vocal music instructors. And, our middle schoolers benefit from dedicated Band and Orchestra directors.

Students in every San Carlos elementary school receive training in fine arts. SCEF funds fine arts training for students at Charter Learning Center.

San Carlos Education Fund - What We Fund


SCEF funds programs that impact our children’s physical and emotional health. This includes Physical Education at the elementary level and Athletic Directors at the middle school level, as well as middle school Counselors and elementary school Friendship Counselors.

San Carlos Education Fund - What We Fund

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