School Libraries supported by SCEF

Parent donations to SCEF support the excellent library programs in all our San Carlos schools.  Last year, $125,000 of SCEF raised funds were used to support our school libraries and our wonderful library staff.

Libraries are an integral part of any schools curriculum and with the shift towards 21st century learning and common core curriculum, they are more important than ever.

Studies have shown that children who have access to a well-stocked library staffed by library media specialists tend to perform better academically. Access to a good library program has a positive impact on the quality of learning a child gets from their school.

A library also has an impact on the social development of a child. Books do more than just teach children how to read. Sitting together with friends in a safe, nurturing environment and learning to read or going on magical adventures on the wings of imagination is such a pleasure!

In San Carlos we are fortunate to be able to provide this aspect of learning to our children. We are educating the Whole Child. Our school librarians are great at what they do, they really know the name of every child who walks in. If you have time, please visit your child’s class in their library. You can see how your donation to SCEF is enriching the lives of our children everyday.

Thank you for your support of SCEF.

We’re all in this together.

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