Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.

In San Carlos, we are able to provide exactly that to all our children with our robust music education at all grade levels. Music education in all our schools is supported by SCEF raised funds.

Our elementary school children get music, movement and rhythm instruction from the wonderful staff at Music For Minors.

 We all know that research has shown children who learn music tend to perform better in academics, that it strengthens their brain, develops their creativity.

But music also plays another very crucial role in child development.

For a child just starting school, singing together with their classmates creates a sense of togetherness, gives them self confidence, boosts their self esteem. Even shy children come out of their shell.

Moving with the beat and dancing teaches them rhythm, practicing the same piece over and over shows them that hard work and persistence always pay off in the end.

It builds a very strong foundation for their educational pursuits.

With this solid learning, when they step into middle school their musical ability reaches a new peak with our band, choir and orchestra classes.

Anyone who has met our awesome music teachers know how much passion and dedication they bring to their job. How they inspire and educate our children, make them strive for perfection and show how joyful their performance can be.

How they show that that music is always 100%, you cannot play a note 95% correct!

How playing an instrument is a whole body-whole child experience starting with holding the instrument properly, reading the music, playing the note correctly, staying in tune, in rhythm and playing together as a group.

No wonder our middle school children have been racking up awards and accolades for their performance, including their recent success at the Anaheim Heritage Music Festival!

Music is creative, music is inspiring, music is beautiful. Ultimately music is joyful and that is what we are giving our children. The sheer joy of learning, of performing, of being part of a greater whole. Something that they will take to heart for their lifetime.

Go to your child’s class, listen to your child sing, play an instrument. It will move you and bring you joy.

Ensure that these programs continue by donating to the San Carlos Education Foundation today.

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