SCEF Endowment Fund


The SCEF Endowment Fund was established in 2008 to steward a $1.5 Million gift from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Since the original gift was made, the endowment fund has grown to $1.8 Million while providing over $700,000 to the San Carlos School District to support programs dedicated to health, wellness, and physical fitness.

A strong endowment ensures continuity and stability. Through our exemplary stewardship of donations to our endowed fund, and prudent financial management we can ensure continuity and stability through a self-perpetuating fund. A strong endowment will help protect our annual grant to the District from budget cuts and economic cycles of booms and busts.


The SCEF Endowment Fund is overseen by an advisory committee made up of financial professionals. This group works closely with our investment advisor Vanguard Advisers, Inc. The investment policy stipulates that the portfolio is to be invested with the objective of preserving the long-term real purchasing power of assets while providing relatively predictable and growing stream of annual distributions in support of the organization. Consistent with these objectives, the portfolio shall be invested to maximize total investment returns, within the constraints of a prudent level of risk and diversification, and to provide funding for present and anticipated future obligations.


Please consider helping grow the SCEF Endowment. By giving to the endowment you create a legacy for the future. Endowment gifts can be made in several ways including:

  • Donation or Pledge. A direct gift or multi-year pledge to the endowment campaign is tax deductible.
  • Stock Donations. A gift of stock has many advantages. Stock gifts are exempt from the long-term capital gains tax that would apply if you sold the shares and made a cash donation to SCEF. That means that donating stock directly SCEF can easily increase the impact of your donation.
  • Planned Gifts. You may make a bequest or estate gift by including a provision in your will or living trust. Consider leaving a legacy gift to benefit the SCEF Endowment and you will know that your generosity is helping ensure a great education for generations to come. We recommend you meet with your attorney to discuss and update your will.

For more information or make a gift supporting the SCEF Endowment Fund, please contact our Endowment VP Marianne Jett at

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